What do you stand for?

You stand for dinner.

You stand for school.

You stand for walking.

But that’s the literal meaning. What about your stance on what is right and wrong? What do you stand for in that case?

Stand 4 respect project asks just that!

It all comes down to preparing the future to no redo, react, and make the same mistakes all the previous generations have made.

“Rather than repairing the damage later on, parents/caregivers, teachers and communities can help equip young people to develop healthy relationships throughout their life.” ~ Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2012.

Verizon has created a new program asking everyone to stand up against teen dating violence.

But don’t just stand up…stand with the new generation.

Stand with the new hope for the world.

Stand with the teens that are currently going through this mess right now!

As they state: Teen Dating Violence is preventable. And adults who care for kids—parents, teachers, mentors, youth leaders, administrators, ministers, coaches, grandparents, godparents, kinfolk, all of us—are in positions that enable us to get in front of this problem. The kids that we love are guided by our example and we are mostly in charge of the homes, classrooms, hallways, clubs, locker rooms, and congregations that they occupy. By working together, we can use our knowledge, partnerships, resources and determination to ensure that the spaces that our kids occupy are safe, and to establish respectful relationships as the expected norm. The Indiana teens featured in this site came together for this purpose—to tell adults about the impact that teen dating violence (TDV) has in their lives and to ask us to take a stand with them to end it. This is what our kids deserve.

So I ask you:

Do you stand for respect?

Do you stand for healthy relationships?

Do you stand for ending teen dating abuse?

Do stand for making the world a better place?

Opt 4 all of these things in our lives!