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The following is the full article of how the NFL is working toward the prevention and cessation of Teen Dating Violence and Intimate Partner Violence

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NFL program works to teach teens how to have healthy relationships

LatinaLista — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that one in four adolescents reports verbal, physical, emotional or sexual abuse from a boyfriend or girlfriend each year.


Otherwise known as teen dating violence, it has been on the rise over the last several years. It’s gotten to the point that the Arizona state legislature is now requiring their school districts to incorporate dating abuse information into school curriculums.

And the Massachusetts Essex County District Attorney was so concerned about the rise of teen dating violence in his state that he released a video called “Teens Talk About Dating Abuse.”

A Rhode Island congressman has been holding community strategy sessions at a local high school to explore how to best combat the growing epidemic.

The term “epidemic” may be an understatement considering that a free teen dating app released in April and developed by The Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence has already been downloaded in more than 20 states across the nation.

The app provides teens with information on “where to get help if they are in unhealthy or violent relationships; provides guidance on what defines a healthy relationship; and informs teens how to help a friend experiencing dating violence.”

However, the root cause of teen dating violence is the attitude boys and girls have towards one another. The solution involves changing that attitude through education and awareness.

The National Football Players Association, working with the national men’s organization, A Call to Men, an organization devoted to addressing domestic and sexual violence prevention, launched Training Camps for Life .

Training Camps for Life puts NFL football players to work, along with A Call to Men representatives, in discussing topics such as overcoming adversity, the impact of decisions and consequences, and healthy teen relationships.

A CALL TO MEN will work with Training Camps for Life participants to challenge the attitudes and beliefs about what it means to be a man. Teens will examine popular culture through a lens of respect and equality, and dissect lyrics of current hip-hop tracks to understand the concept of male privilege. They will also learn to identify the nuances of abuse – like flirting vs. harassment – and understand when and how to seek help.

Considering that health experts say that many girls victimized by teen dating violence don’t report the abuse, it’s important that girls, as well as boys, learn what it means to be respected and when abuse isn’t a sign of love or affection.

To that end, boys and girls who participate in the Training Camps for Life program have the option to sign a pledge called LIVERESPECT. If they sign it, they commit to end teen relationship abuse and speak out against domestic violence.

Just say no….

We’ve heard this before. Just say no to drugs. Just say no to sex. Just say no to pregnancy.

Is it this easy?

Is it this easy to go against the peer pressure of sex and drugs?  Well, we’d love to think so but this is a very hard thing to do.

However, a new site is asking that you: just say no to violence against women. Is this any easier?

Yes!  Yes it is because violence is not just something that affects them, they, or those people. Violence is around us every second of every minute of our lives. Violence against women…doubly so. However, the violence against women is even more insidious than the other “just say no” campaigns. Violence against women is  in the advertisements in magazines, in the Tv shows we watch from age 2-95. Violence against women is  in the movies we watch and the youtube videos that span the net. Violence against women in our homes, our neighborhoods, and even in our own families. This violence is something we see on an everyday basis.

So can we just say no?  Ask your mother, your sister, your grandmother, your aunt, your niece, your girl cousins, your girlfriend, or even the lady that lives down the street. Yes – we can just say no to stopping the violence toward 57% of the population of the world.

This website gives you the opportunity to start a “just say no to violence against women” campaign or start your own “just say no to violence against women” campaign. Either way, we are all working on preventing this epidemic.

We need to just say no to all violence, but especially to the violence toward the people that make other people.

Kids for peace.

This seems like a novel concept, especially since it’s the kids that grow up that cause the wars, the violence, and the destruction.

What happens between 8 and 18, or 12 and 22 that makes people believe that the only way to solve a problem is to destroy, hurt, or decimate?

Pablo Picasso, the great artist, walked through a kindergarten art display and stood in amazement. When someone asked the great master what he thought he said, “I’m tried all my life to draw and create art exactly like they do.”

This is a major comment to the innocence and beauty of a child’s mind. They see the world as a very simple place.

There are things you shouldn’t do:hit, hurt, steal, be mean.

There are things that you should do: be kind, congratulate, be happy, have fun.

The adults come over and tell them that the world is much more complicated than that….is it?

This website is dedicated to kids ending violence, isn’t that what we are all wanting?

Opt 4 a nonviolent world.

Opt 4 helping all kids find this nonviolent world.

Opt4 changing the world so it’s more peaceful and happy.

Opt 4 preventing violence.

Opt4 educating kids about how to prevent violence.

Opt 4 telling kids about this site.

Aps aps everywhere aps

New Ap helps educate everyone about preventing dating abuse.

According to the article above, there is a new Ap to help educate parents about Teen Dating Abuse. This situation is becoming dire. The people who are in unhealthy relationships are being hurt, being harmed, and being scarred for life.   This Ap will help parents talk to their dating teens about what a healthy relationship is.

Why stop here? This ap isn’t just for parents. This ap can be used for you!

It’s proven that the best way to prevent anything is education. If you know what to look for in a relationship to decide if it’s healthy or not, you won’t be in an unhealthy relationship.

Use this Ap to educate everyone. Use this Ap to change the way we see dating relationships.

Opt 4 healthy relationships.

Opt4 educating your friends.

Opt 4 helping out the people you care about most by educating them.

Opt 4 a violence free relationship.

Opt 4 a relationship based on love.


Use this wheel to decide if you’re in a good relationship. If your partner is not treating you equally, reevaluate your relationship.

OPT 4 equality in your relationship.

OPT 4 being treated equally.

OPT 4 being loved and respected.


We often here about the cycle of violence…why don’t we ever hear about the cycle of respect.

Please reblog if you believe in the cycle of respect.

Opt 4 living the cycle of respect.

Opt 4 living a respectful life.

Opt4 being respectful, and being respected.

Opt4 no other choice except respect!


We often believe that we live in a world we just have to deal with.

When we complain, we are told that we just have to “get over it”.


You have the ability to change the way things are.

If you don’t like the violence, do something about it!

If you don’t like the bullying, stop it.

If you don’t like the abuse you see in the world, help others and do something.

There are many programs that are in your area that are helping people – seek them out.

When you see things happen that you don’t like, help out the cause: blog about it, you tube it, speak out against the problem on facebook or twitter or tumblr.


There are many things in your school that help people with abuse, trauma, violence, drug abuse, etc. If there isn’t programs – CREATE them!!

When there isn’t a way to help people-it’s up to you to create it.

Opt 4 ending the negativity.

Opt 4 the end of abuse.

Opt4 helping people.

Opt4 creating roads and groups to help all people.

Opt4 changing “the way it is.”


What is respect?

Ask this to a crowd and most people won’t be able to define it.

However, they expect respect and demand you deal with them with respect.

Hence the confusion in our world….a lot of people wanting respect and being respected, and yet most people don’t even know what respect is.  If you want a jelly doughnut, you would have to know what a jelly doughnut is…same thing.

We must earn respect.

We must give respect.

We must be respectful.

How!!!!!????  if we don’t know what it is?

The Golden rule is: Treat others as you want to be treated.

If we use this as the definition of respect, a person who wants to be hit will hit you to be treated the same way.   **Epic Fail*

We change this around a bit, and we have an answer:

Treat others the way they want to be treated, as long as there is no violence.

That would require people to talk and ask how others want to be treated.  So, this is respect…. asking them how they want to be treated and then treating them in a nonviolent way.

Opt 4 being respectful.

Opt 4 demanding respect.

Opt 4 treating yourself and others the way they want to be treated.

Opt 4 opening the lines of communication to understand how to treat others.

Opt 4 respect and communication.

We are always lectured on what’s healthy. What food we’re suppose to eat because it’s healthy. What stuff we’re suppose to look at and what we’re suppose to tell others not to look at. We’re told how to think, and how to be that means we’re healthy.

With all of these things were “suppose to” do, what is a healthy relationship?

A healthy relationship makes you feel good.

A healthy relationship uplifts you and helps you.

A healthy relationship helps you further your life.

A healthy relationship makes you feel cared for.

A healthy relationship makes you feel loved.

A healthy relationship makes you happy all the time, not just some times.

opt4 being in a healthy relationship.

Opt 4 supporting other people’s healthy relationship.

Opt 4 telling everyone and forwarding this or re blogging it.




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