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That’s right, we can change the world with our dollars.

Everyone knows the theory – you don’t buy a product because you don’t agree with the company and they lose money because of it.

Companies DO NOT need to use sexism to promote their product.

Companies DO NOT need to use body parts (breasts, booty, a half-clothed woman, etc) to sell their product.

Companies DO NOT need to use violence to sell their product.

Companies DO NOT need to use racism to sell their product.

Companies DO NOT need to use sexual content (sexual acts, suggestive sexuality, etc) to sell their product.


Sexism, the use of body parts, violence, racism, and sexual content demeans women.

Sexism, the use of body parts, violence, racism, and sexual content shows women as below men.

Sexism, the use of body parts, violence, racism, and sexual content says violence toward women is ok.

Sexism, the use of body parts, violence, racism, and sexual content says that all women should be treated like this…including your mother, your grandmother, and your sister.

If you increase the profits of the companies that use this type of advertising, you will be promoting violence and disrespect towards women.

Make your hard-earned money say something to the world!



Well it seems that this blog isn’t the only one that’s talking about the sexism of this commercial for Dr. Pepper 10.

Here is another blog talking about Dr. Pepper 10….

This is modern-day segregation. This is blatant seclusion of one group of people. The majority I might add.

How do we combat that this blatant sexism?

We vote with our dollars.

Do not try or buy this soda!

Do not promote sexism!





If we all did 1 thing

If we all did 1 thing to help others everyday – an amazing transformation would take place.

If we all helped people be happier – an amazing transformation would take place.

If we all decided to help change the world – an amazing transformation would take place.

If we all chose one thing to change in our society – an amazing transformation would take place.

If we all chose to promote nonviolence – an amazing transformation would take place.

If we all chose to end relationship violence – an amazing transformation would take place.

If we all chose to stand up and speak out on domestic violence – an amazing transformation would take place.

Please help transform our world!

It’s the holidays, so I decided we should have a holiday post!

Look at the history of Christmas and you will see a myriad of ideas and thoughts about who and what Santa Clause is. There was a little elf who brought toys to people. There was also a traveler who gave sticks and coal to everyone….pretty neat present for those that relied on these things for heat and cooking. Then there is the saint who gave to children selflessly.  There are tons of stories on who Santa was and where “he” came from.

So around the 1800’s the Santa brought needed items and was part of nature, so he was green.

Then he dawned the red coat and began giving out presents such as coal and sticks and something for the kids…somethign they didn’t have.

Then in 1823 a young gentleman named Clarence C. Moore sat down and wrote a poem called “A visit from St. Nicholas”. It was published in The New York Sentinel and  everyone read it and passed it on. By the 1860’s, it was being published in newspapers all over the nation with the title: “Twas the night before Christmas.” This poem gave us a vision of Santa Clause closer to our current view of him. But, he was a little elf, and he had “tiny reindeer”, he also smoked a long pipe.

Flash forward to the 1940’s. The Clarence C. Moore Santa was pretty popular and accepted. Coca Cola needed to boost their sales and asked new artist Haddon Sundblom to come up with something for Christmas. he looked at the Harpers Weekly Santas that were inspired by the poem, but decided to change it radically. This picture of Santa Clause is the picture we know and love.

We have changed the view of a cultural holiday icon…we can change the view of violence in our world.

We have reinvented what Santa looks like…we can change what relationships are suppose to look like.

We have changed what Christmas looks like…we can change how people act toward each other.

We have the ability to change, let’s opt for changing this world to a better place….a happier place…a less violent place…and place we’re happy to hand over to our children.


This article brings up a very real ability we all have!

This article points out that at the University of Michigan, the students themselves are redeveloping education. It asks a very real question: Can college students reinvent education and the educational system?

Why of course they can!

Of course all of us can!

This brings up a very important point:  We as a people have decided that only certain people can reform our standards of living: Education, business, business models, stock market, the economy, education and even the social fabric of our culture. Where did we get this crazy idea?

Yes, we, the average person who wants the world to be a better less violent place, can reform all of those things.

You!  I’m talking to you….the person reading this right now. Listen up!

You can change the world!

If you think the world is too violent, start coming up with solutions and tell everyone about it!

If you think we need a better education system – work towards changing it.

I believe we need to end all relationship violence! We do not need to see people getting abused and mistreated by people who supposedly love them.

We can end this epidemic and we can change the social fabric of our world. it’s been done before, let’s do it again!!





This article is amazing:

In the 1400’s long hair was a status that said you were royalty and had the ability to take care of such hair.  It was considered a men’s fashion…and the longer your hair, the more radiant you were. In the 1500’s a woman with short hair was considered a great workers, an awesome wife, and an amazing woman because with all the work the women did to take care of the household…long flowing hair would be quite cumbersome and dangerous. In the 1700’s, wigs of great shape were considered the mark of a well distinguished man. In the 17-1800’s, skirts were men’s fashion. In fact, look at a lot fo the French and English rulers of the day, they had paintings of them wearing skirts or pantaloons that looked A LOT like skirts!

These ideas of what gender a person in by their outward actions and representations are archaic and bound to change. We’ve seen men and women’s fashion change so quickly and so readily that gender-roles and gender-appearences is vastly different throughout the world.

Most of the gender stereotypes the US has created is based on theories created in the 1930-1950’s. Why are still on this standard?  Why are we still teaching our children these archaic rules and biases?

Are you still using a 1950’s phone?

Are you using a computer?

Can you have a conversation with someone face to face 1000’s of miles away?

Can you cross the Atlantic ocean in 4-6 hours?

Can you play Angry Birds on your I-phone(if you had an I-phone)?

Did you get inoculated for your childhood diseases, including polio?

We have moved forward in all aspects of life except this view of what is a boy and what is a girl. We must change this…and you are responsible for doing it!

OPT 4 no gender roles.

Opt 4 no stereotypes.

Opt 4 a world where everyone is taught like in this article!

Making a woman an object

This little commercial is appalling!

First….We see a man shamelessly gawking at a woman.  Not seeing her for the human being she is, but instead seeing her for the attributes that her genes have given her.

So we begin this commercial as seeing this woman as merely a piece of meat….a package of body parts.


Second…We delve into the societal accepted view of what a man wants: A complete stranger sexually fawning all over him. But let us truly see what we are beign told here:

1. A woman has the right to be upset about a man gawking at her. (True!)

2. She has the right to yell at him, push him, and slap him in the face. (False – As horrible as it is that men see women like this, NO ONE has the ability to treat another human being like this…male or female. You are watching gender based violence!)

3. Women like this, and will be sexually luring towards you after she gets angry. (FALSE! – A male locker room fallacy that is continuously propagated through male ego and chauvinism.) But this commercial goes on to promote this view, and will be seen by men as an acceptable response.

4.  As long as women are being sexual, no matter what they do it is great. including putting their finger in your $7 cup of coffee. (False – This reduces men and women’s sexuality to merely animal lust devoid of any redeeming factor)

5. Women enjoy foam and other liquid on their chest. (False – Another male chauvinistic created view that is consistently shown and promoted through porn. Porn – AS medium to show women as nothing more than a place to put male liquids on.)


Third – Female objectification at it’s highest!

The woman actually becomes a car. The woman was never a woman, she was always a car, an object. therfore equating the same love and sexual feelings for an object as a woman.

Showing the world that women are nothing more than things…things to do with whatever you want.

This is one of the most demeaning commercials out there…simply because it secretly rationalizes and promotes all of the misogynistic behaviors that promote all violence against women, and puts it in a nice 30 second box.

Opt 4 seeing women as people.

Opt 4 seeing women as living breathing humans.

Opt 4 seeing women as equals.

Opt 4 not judging all people.

Opt 4 stopping the accepted male view of the world…it is creating more violence.

Technology helping others

I logged onto Google today and was notified by way of a picture that this was Robert Noyce’s 84th birthday, if he was alive. Robert, however, died in 1990.  who was Robert Noyce, he was an inventor, a general nice person, and the co-inventor of the microchip.  One would not be inaccurate to call this invention one of the inventions that re-sculpted the technological frontier and the normal way the world lives their life. In fact, Time magazine called him the “Modern day Edison” because of the microchip and the many other technological inventions he produced or assisted on.

Steve jobs, the inventor of Apple/Macintosh computers died Oct 11, 2011 at the age of 56. For those of you who were alive during the beginning of Apple, he WAS the face of the new age. The young brown haired kid who introduced us all to the computer with its green words and black background. Before there was desktops, windows, etc…there was the Apple Computer and it changed the world, and we were amazed.

But this post is not about techno-history. This post is about what the technology is doing for us now.  How have these great inventions helped the common good of humankind?  How have these inventions helped us reduce the violence in the world? How have these helped reduce the domestic violence, the Intimate Partner Violence, the Teen Dating violence?

They’ve allowed us to spread information at an alarming rate.

They’ve allowed us to mobilize at a split second.

They’ve allowed us to talk to people across the world in a split second.

Seems like that would allow us to communicate the problems, the atrocities, and the needs of all people of the world.

It seems that this ability would allow us to show all people that all people are humankind and deserve the same respect, honor, and ability to live a happy safe life.

But it hasn’t happened that way…..Now it can!

If you have the ability to read this blog.  If you have the ability to log onto this blog. You have the ability to not only post or communicate it with others…you have the ability to make sure the violence stops.

When you sign up for a Yahoo e-mail, they give you a website…..thaqt means you have the ability to create a website to help end this violence any way that comes to your mind.

If you have an e-mail account, you have contacts. If you have contacts you have the ability to send something out to them EVERYDAY asking them to help others and prevent violence.

If you can text…if you can take picutures…if you can get on facebook….YOU CAN TAKE PICTURES AND TELL EVERYONE THAT THIS TYPE OF VIOLENCE WILL NO LONGER BE TOLERATED!


Do it now!  Be heard. Change the world.

We owe it to our grandchildren!



Imagine a world where violent phrases, violent words, violent images, and violent ideas are constantly in someones face.

What would that world be like?  A world where there is violence everywhere.

Turn on the new….wouldn’t that world look like that?    YES

Opt 4 nonviolence.

Opt 4 nonviolence against women.

Opt 4 nonviolence towards men.

Opt 4 nonviolence toward animals.

Opt 4 a world where we can turn on the news and see all of the amazing things people are doing to help others…rather than having that story be a side note to the violence.


“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

This old adage was touted as a way to help children with the feelings they had when they were teased or something was said to them that hurt their feelings. Everyone believed this was a good idea, and if you let the words just roll off your back, everything would be fine.

How wrong we were!

Looking back as this phrase we can see the errors in this message and the lack of accountability to the teaser. We look at this phrase, and the lackadaisical way of dealing with the pain and emotions of a child, with our modern eyes and are aghast that this would happen. With the myriad of studies, statistics, data,and the things they have produced such as the ACE study findings; we are shocked that this would be the way that our society would deal with someone hurting another with words.

Imagine how the future will look back at our archaic ways of seeing this type of violent language.

Every time a word is uttered it forms a mental picture in the listener. This mental picture is then thought about, internalized, judged, and developed into a way of seeing the world as a whole. When a group of words are strung together, they have the ability to attach themselves to neural transmitters (brain waves, and are carried throughout the brain. Not only do they go through the same process as one word does, but they also become a belief. If we put together enough beliefs we have a belief system. Every person int he world is following a certain belief system dependent on the things they have been taught and the words that have been spoken to them. However, this belief system isn’t something we consciously think about; on the contrary, this dictates how we run our lives, how we see ourselves in the society we belong to, and how we treat others.

Imagine a belief system strung together with violent phrases, words, images, and ideas. what would this person’s path be? What would this person’s view toward other people and other people’s opinion and rights be? It has been shown time and time again, the more violent a belief system, the more violent the person either acts or speaks toward others.

In this way, words become the catalyst to the violence that is propagated in our society.

Therefore, it seems obvious that the less violent our words and phrases are, the less violent a society would be. The less violent a society is, the less it accepts violence in its day-to-day activities. In essence, by changing the words which we use on a day-to-day basis, we could change the way our world views everything.

Instead of our world being a world that asks: who has done this to me or who has attacked me; we may be able to turn our world into a place where its inhabitants ask:

How may i help all people, so that no one is made to be a victim or is seen below someone else?



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