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What cool things can you do in your city, school, town – to showyou’re not down with abuse?


Not only can teens ask/answer questions via facebook and twitter with  they can respond to a new avatar app!  Talking about teen dating violence, textual harassment, and getting honest answers has never been so awesome!



The ever brilliant teen advocate and journalist, Jan Hoffman, broke a story on the front page of the New York Times about sex education – perhaps the first front pager ever. ISIS’ Executive Director, Deb Levine, was quoted from the TechSexUSA White Paper  as saying that the first thing young people do when they have a question about sex is Google it.  Trends to move sex ed from the classroom into social and mobile media are on the rise.


Article Link:

This is a great website based out of Chicago.  Teens share information and opinions  about healthy relationships, the media, and sex.  It’s a great resource to spread to our teens.

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