1. Donate to a domestic violence center

  2. Volunteer at a domestic violence center.

  3. Speak at your children’s school about preventing domestic violence.

  4. Start a blog of your own speaking out to prevent domestic violence.

  5. Like DV prevention pages on Facebook.

  6. Post DV prevention messages on facebook.

  7. Be a positive role-model, exercise fairness, and reinforce positive behavior.

  1. Address inappropriate and disrespectful behavior immediately.

  2. Encourage and foster safe and respectful relationships in everyone.


  4. Do not laugh at or make jokes about violence against women or men. because they are not funny, EVER!

  5. Write letters/emails to companies that use sexism as ways to sell things.

  6. Write letters to congress/senate/etc. about how they should vote.

  7. Speak at your church/civic group/book club/etc.

  8. Become part of the solution!  Attend programs, take courses, watch films, and read articles and books about the prevention actions that are being taken.   Educate yourself and others about how larger social forces affect the conflicts between individual men and women.

  9. Don’t fund sexism. Refuse to purchase any magazine, rent any video, subscribe to any Web site, or buy any music that portrays girls or women in a sexually degrading or abusive manner. Protest sexism in the media.