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Lauren Astley was a college bound young woman who helped storm victims after hurricane Katrina and wanted to make the world a better place.  She broke up with her boyfriend  after they dated for three years.  He is accused of killing her after her strangled and cut body was found is a marsh in their small town. 


The story and details of this tragedy can be found here,



When a male is a child he is called a boy. When he gets older he is called a man.

When a female is a child she is called a girl. When she gets older she is called: a girl.

When the creators of the Iron man triathalon wanted to include the ladies they called it: The Iron GIRL triatholon.

When they want to empower women, they say they have “GIRL power”. Remember, the power of a “girl” is a pre-puberty girl’s power.

When a man is a super hero, he is a man!    When a woman is a superhero she is a “GIRL”: Super girl – 25, Spider girl – 21, Aqua girl – 30, and Bat girl – 21. All ladies who are obviously women. If they were 8 or 9, then they would be a girl.

This type of classification creates a view that the women in our society are seen as children and men are seen as adults! What does this do to our minds?????

Adults guide, teach, and tell chilsdren what to do. Children must do what the adults say because they fear the violent reprucusions and consequences that will happen. Imagine a man seeing a woman as a child and himself as an adult…the seeds of DV are planted.

This one word “girl” depicts the whole problem of domestic violence, teen dating violence, and intimate partner violence.

When men are subliminally shown that women should be treated as children, violence is inevitable.

OPT4 preventing this classification.

OPT4 challenging the group who depicts women as girls.

OPT4 changing this idea.




Read Natalie’s story..

Opt4 sharing stories and experiences with each other 🙂

The deal is that relationships can be confusing.  Believe me, it’s not just teens who find matters of the heart difficult to navigate and understand, adults have trouble with it too :).   But the first time of ever being in love or thinking we might be in love is something that is supposed to be special and memorable.  Think about it… first kiss, first date, first relationship :).   First’s are tough and can sometimes be awkward and confusing. 

However, new and exciting falling in love can be; relationships should NEVER have a first ridiculing or name calling screaming match.  Relationships should NEVER have a first slap or a shoved up against the locker episode.  First loves should NEVER pressure you into making big decisions with YOUR body.

Opt4  a memorable, respectable, and healthy first <3.


Do you have questions about your relationship?

Don’t know if it’s healthy….do we really know if anything is healthy?

Want to ask a question about:

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domestic violence?

red flags?

Preventing this horrible epidemic?

your relationship?

Please ask!!! 

It doesn’t matter what the question is!!!!

Either e-mail/message us on wordpress or ask it in the comment section of a post.

We’re here waiting for your questions!



This video made me cry.

This video is reality.

Scientist say that your brain picks up every nano-second that your eyes are open. That’s 1000th of a second. That’s faster than a blink. Then it creates it into a thought or opinion.

It’s been said that a picture is worth 1000 words.

A commerical is 1,000,000,000 of pictures.

That means a 30 second commercial just imprinted 1000,000,000,000 pictures in your brain.

Thisi is what this video means!!

Boy, girl, man, woman – you are beautiful exactly the way you are!

opt4 telling everyone they’re beautiful.

opt4 showing everyone the reality of the media.

opt4 showing everyone that they are worth loving.

opt4 showing everyone that they are worth not being abused or hurt by anyone!!

Don’t believe the magazines –  you’re beautiful!

Look at any magazines cover and they will tell you you’re not beautiful being you.

Actual titles from the front page:

Get sexy hair now – Because you don’t have sexy hair right now, right?

Get that great summer body – Who said you didn’t have a great summer body?

Cute new looks – because your looks aren’t cute.

Flat abs and a great butt – who said you needed these things and who said yours weren’t?

625 pretty looks for you – That’s right 625 ways to make you look better, who said you aren’t already pretty?

Some say I make too much of these. OK   Why are they on EVERY girls magazine?

Why do the magazines meant for women still say girl?

OPT4 changing these ideas.

OPT4 preventing the media from deciding how you should look.

OPt4 seeing yourself as beautiful…..because you are!

There is a lot of pressure on both men and women to be beautiful. The sad part is that nobody knows what beautiful is.  Beauty, as the great bard said is in the “eye of the beholder”.  There is no true form of beauty anywhere. It has been shown time and time again, that we as people like to see mathematical solidity. That means if a person has a perfect ratio to their face and body, then we will see them as pretty because our mind says they are “in balance”.  Interesting enough, nobody is “in balance”. It’s almost a genetic impossibility.  So where do we get our ideas of what is beautiful?

The media of the world creates what we see as beautiful everyday…..notice the word “creates”.

This video explains it all.

Opt4 being beautiful as the person you are.

Opt4 preventing the word ugly from yours or anybody’s lips.

Opt4 looking at people in the light of <3.

opt4 not basing our view of beauty on constructed images like this one.

opt4 preventing anyone you know from judging themselves against a computer image.

opt4 preventing the world from seeing you as anything but you!

You are worth it!

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