The above link is to a video that explains why ant-birth control is such a violent and disrespectful idea.

There is a book called Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe. Modern readers have been very harsh about the book calling the woman a “slut” and her constant baby making and ending in debtors prison as an example of an unfit woman.

However, in a world where a woman’s only worth is her ability to keep house, provide sex, and be a baby maker…..Moll Flanders had very little opportunities. In order to live in such a society, she had to live by the only means she had available to her – MEN. A woman could not get a job, a house, money, etc without men. So she connected herself with men in order to continue living an honorable and lady-like life. Each man expected her to have sex with him whenever he wanted it, but the resultant child was always a nuisance to both Moll and the Suitor gentleman. Even when she eventually had enough money, her children still had claims to her life and her world….even though she never knew the children that were taken from her because she couldn’t afford them.

This sounds despicable…but it was her only choice and it was the early 1800’s in England.

Flash forward to today…a woman may get a job, go to college, and even marry who she decides.  However, a woman with a child is a woman with a problem for many companies. Hire a woman with a child and you have to think about whether she is going to miss work because of said child, if she’s going to want more money because of the child, if she gets pregnant you will lose an employee for 3-6 months, and that’s if she decides to come back to work after the child.  This becomes a very big “problem” for many employers, and an all too real reality for women.

When a woman is planning her life, she must take these ideas into consideration. Whether we want to admit it or not, sex is a normal and healthy part of life which results in a child. When two adults come together to have sex…they must both be thinking about having a child. Yeah right!  That’s not true reality. That’s a reality born out of a different era and different ideal…if it ever existed outside of the fairytales in the first place.

No, the owness falls on the woman, because it’s the woman’s life that will be changed, disrupted, and changed forever.  It’s the woman who will be passed up for the jobs she wants. It’s the woman who will have to figure out how she’s going to deal with a child in college. It’s the woman who will be passed over for promotions, for opportunities, and for the multiple rungs up the ladder.

By taking away a woman’s right to think about this…we take women out of the work force.

We take women out of the world….in essence, we segregate the majority of the population while the other half still will pressure women into having sex with them.

This is another form of abuse towards women by the hands of the government.

Opt 4 ending the abuse against women.

Opt 4 gender equality which promotes real equality.

Op4 saying yes to women having a choice in their own life.

Opt 4 the government to stop putting their hands in women’s lives.