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Bullying is horrible!

How do you feel about bullying?

You can now make it public!


Join the Stop Bullying Video Challenge to help prevent and end bullying in schools and communities.

Calling all people ages 13-18,

You are invited to make an anti-bullying video.

The focus should be on how youth can be more than a bystander, rather than a video that solely explains why bullying is wrong

Grab your Iphones.

Grab your webcams.

Grab your video cameras.

Grab the video maker in your phone

Now is the time to step up and win!

The grandprize winner will receive a $2,000 cash prize and will be featured on the www.stopbullying.gov website.

Two videos will receive honorable mention, a $500 cash prize and will be featured on the www.stopbullying.gov website.

Bullying can affect everyone- those who are bullied, those who bully, and those who witness bullying. The Federal Partners for Bullying Prevention is a workgroup comprised of 9 departments, with 34 offices within those 9 departments. The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and the Federal Partners are launching this video challenge to help prevent and end bullying in schools and communities across the nation.

Now is the time to create a video!

Post your video here as well and I’d be happy to put it on the site!

There’s a new site and app called Skout.  according to the creators Skout is:

With one click, you can discover new friends at the local neighborhood bar, at a concert at Madison Square Garden or on a bus tour in Barcelona. Skout connects you to other users nearby or continents away, in more than 100 countries, whether you’re looking for new friends or activity partners. Our virtual environment is rich with personal experiences thanks to features like chatting, exchanging photos or notes, and sending virtual gifts. We go to great lengths to make sure that our community is fun and safe, and it shows: our users log in eight or nine times a day and are exchanging over a half billion messages a month…

But….is it really that safe and wonderful.

Are we really GPS locating people we want to talk to….this seems dangerous….and it is!  It is dangerous to women and men all over the world.  Right now it is affecting the most vulnerable…Kids. The next step is the adults.

opt 4 not creatign apps to help people get hurt.

Opt 4 healthy relationships.

Opt 4 relationships becoming more intimate with longer conversations.

Opt 4 conversations period!

Opt 4 meeting people who are interested in YOU!

Can you create an app for that?

 Are you an app creator?

 Do you know someone who creates or can create an app?

 Can you spread the news to reinvent the world?

 Good news!!!!!

 The Avon Foundation for Women and the Institute of Medicine are challenging teams of individuals from the fields of domestic violence prevention and communications technologies to come together to raise awareness about and to help prevent domestic violence against women and children.

 It’s a great way to influence everyone and to promote healthy respectful relationships. 

 The more out of the box…the better.

 They are holding a cash prize contest

 1st Prize – US$10,000
2nd Prize – US$7,500
3rd Prize – US$5,000
4th Prize – US$2,500

 The point of this is to create an app that promotes prevention and all the ways that we can promote this.

 Please go to the link and create something amazing!!!!

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