No Blog about strong women and prevention of Domestic Violence would be complete without a comment about Eve Ensler.

She has done more than many to show women for who and what they really are: Human Beings.

Now, in April of 2012, it seems odd that somebody would have to do that. But back when she started waking people up with the Vagina Monologues in 1996, our society sat around believing that women were what society said they were and there was a few groups that yelled about it, but that was it.

Now these groups were very loud when they yelled, but they didn’t connect it with real women….that is what Eve did. She said to everyone out there…I’m a woman, I have a vagina, and I’m not alone. Also, being a woman has a very different path than being a man.  Though she didn’t say it in so many words, she did say it…and it caused EVERYONE to stand up.

To stand up and realize woman should be seen as human beings…as adult women!

To stand up and realize women are being oppressed.

To stand up and realize women need to be taken seriously.

To stand up and realize women are more than just body parts.

Now Eve is launching a new site to go with all of the work she does to promote gender equality, and to promote the power and beauty and individuality that every woman on this planet has.

52% of the population should be seen as equal to the 48% of the population…unfortunately, because the 52% do not have the right anatomy, they are seen as 2nd class.

This blog, this message of prevention, and this world – must begin to see 100% of the population of the earth as equal.

Opt 4 gender equality.

Opt 4 seeing women as people and not body parts.

Opt 4 seeing this world differently than it is now, and knowing you are the change!