A young girl watched many atrocities that we will never see.

She wrote a beautiful essay on the destruction of women in her country.

She won the junior Nobel prize for her essay.

She was hailed as the voice of women world wide crying out for equality and justice.

She rode to school on a bus.

Her bus was boarded, she was singled out as the girl who wrote the paper, and shot in her head and neck.

She died.

She was 14.

Her name was Malala Yousafzai!

We must remember how close we are to her fate and the fate of the female world she was ripped from.

We must remember the atrocities and inequality that is felt throughout the world and through out our country toward women.

We must remember that the abusers are not far from these men who shot this young lady.

We must remember that if a 14 year old girl can stand up for women’s rights full knowing the danger she is in, then there is no excuse for any of us not to stand up and do something to end this violence toward women.

Today…we do something!

What are you doing?