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On the 12th day I wanted to give you the song that inspired it all…all 12 days!!!  Yeah you made it.

On the 12th day of prevention I….

became part of the solution and decided I can no longer live my life like I do and decided to DO something about preventing domestic violence!

How do you do that?

Good Question: You go out and start educating yourself. Watch DVd’s, attend seminars, and talk to your local shelter. Get educated about domestic violence and then educate everyone else.

The number one most ridiculous reality about Dv is that…..it’s 100% easily preventable!  All you have to do is not hurt the one you love!  That’s it!!! So let’s go out and prevent this disease.

Happy Christmas!


Happy 11th day of prevention..I’m glad you’re here!

On the 11th day of prevention I…

thanked everyone who I know that are respectful, nonviolent, and promote domestic violence prevention!


Those people who do the right thing all the time are often not thanked. Everyone loves being thanked for what they believe they should be doing…this kind gesture will go a long way in the coming year.

We made it to the 10th day…I can not believe how much prevention has already been done by you: YEAH!!!!!!


On the 10th day of prevention I…

wrote a holiday card to my Senators, my congress person, my elected officials, and the manufactures who use sexism to market their product to speak out against domestic violence and sexism whenever and wherever they see it. I also asked them to vote for prevention money and to keep the domestic violence shelters and outreach programs open!

If you have already sent out your cards – Go on you. No doubt you have 1 or 10 left over to send out.

If you haven’t send out your cards yet – come on, don’t give up..there’s still time. You can at least send cards to these people.

Wow, the 9th day and December 21 already. Have you started the countdown?

Happy prevention holidays!!!!

On the 9th day of prevention I…

stood up and said something about a disrespectful sexist joke I heard!

The parties have started and things are getting down to the wire. Whether you celebrate it or not, the world is counting down to Christmas and everyone is looking for an excuse to party.

Inevitably at these parties there are jokes, wise cracks, and the like – but REMEMBER – sexist jokes and jokes about a certain gender or race are NOT funny. This day of prevention asks you to stand up and say something!

I know you can do it!

There are a lot of people who thank you for doing it.


On the 8th day of prevention I…

didn’t fund sexism by buying things that are  sexist!

Yeah!  I congratulate you..this is a very very big thing to do. There are so many toys “for girls” or “for boys” that force our children into gender roles that are simply not accurate and promote sexism and ultimately violence towards the gender seen as the weaker or the “slave”.

Do not buy things from companies that promote their products through sexism, or are working to sexualize our girls before they are ready.




On the 7th day of prevention I…

bought presents for my families and friends that promoted and helped preventing domestic violence.

We go out and buy “things” all the time for people, and that’s wonderful…but, we could be doing more. What if we donated $5-10 in the name of our friends and relatives towards domestic violence prevention programs?  They would have a vested interest in the cause, and you’ll probably spend less money.

If you truly have to give a “thing”…there are multiple organizations selling holiday gift items where the proceeds go to preventing domestic violence.

A few ideas:

NCADV – National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Every state has a coalition against domestic violence

Your local shelter might be as well.


On the 6th day of prevention I…

donated to my local domestic violence shelter and outreach program.

These are the times when these shelters are looking for people to donate presents to those people who are going through this horrid experience, and a present would be awesome!

But, what should I bring?

Good Question: Toiletries, diapers, dish soap, laundry soap, and feminine hygiene products are always needed. But during this time – presents. Presents for the kids. Presents for the parents. Stop by and ask if they need something..they’d be happy to tell you!

Remember – victims of Dv never asked for this, it happened to them. Help them out!

Yeah, you made it to the 5th day!

Happy Holly-days (for those of you who live around holly)

On the 5th day of prevention I…

was the example of nonviolence, nonpower and noncontrol, and pure niceness.

It’s amazing what a little bit of niceness does. not only that, you become the role model for others. When you are at a get together…and you see someone obviously acting out their “power and control beliefs”, be around them and set the example of how a person of your gender acts without power and control!

Remember – everyone is always watching, especially the little ones!  You are the model and the example of how to act!


On the 4th day of prevention I…

Posted a domestic violence prevention message on facebook.

When you do this your friends see this, they can repost (you could suggest that everyone reposts it if they agree) and it can get to even more people!  You could just put 1 prevention facebook page a day…wow, imagine that!

Remember…it only takes 1 person to change the world…you are that 1 person!


On the 3rd day of prevention I…

Started a social media platform of my own talking about prevention violence and domestic violence.

There are so many social media platforms: whether you like talking to friends, posting pictures, etc…there’s all sorts of ways to get the idea of prevention on social media.

Social media to consider: Blogs (wordpress is my favorite since it links to other social media), tumblr – more posting pictures than writing, twitter – put your prevention idea in 160 characters or less,  youtube – Vlog, talk and make videos about prevention, yahoo – write about prevention, and that’s just the beginning..there are so many more.

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