The girls scouts have been empowering girls, young ladies, and women for the entire existence of the organization.

Now they are doing even more…they are creating healthy media conferences, and healthy information symposium.  The girls scouts are also adding data to the world fo female media influences – this is how the media affects our girls.

They are finding that girls with a strong family household, or at least a parent who is involved with them, are less likely to watch violent and anti-female media than other girls the same age. However, the study is also showing that those girls not watching anti-female media is lessening…that is a problem.

Remember -when a person sees and accepts that which they see – they create themselves, their ideas, and their world around it.

If a 8-10 year old girl sees a group of women fighting amongst themselves for 1 man (ala  The Bachelor) or a group of women behaving badly (bad girls club) or a group of women who think the only thing important is money, looks, and their dates (Every housewives show out there) they are likely to create their lives, mannerisms, and future around this example of women.

This is not the example we want to promote…please read this article and join the Girl Scouts of America in trying to save the way girls see their role as women!