This an article from AVDA – a domestic violence prevention center looking to change the way we help survivors and prevent violence in our world.

They have commented on the world of masculinity and the how we promote violence in the male world.

The current definition of masculinity promotes aggression, strength, domination and power, stripping young boys of their freedom to express a full range of emotions without ridicule.  Young men experience verbal attacks on their “manhood” when they are not measuring up to societal standards of masculinity.  They are denied the ability to express sadness, sorrow, pain, and fear.  In the words of Byron Hurt, an award-winning documentary filmmaker, published writer, anti-sexist activist, and lecturer, “until we stop telling boys that they cannot cry, or show emotion, or that they have to be tough and powerful, and in control of people and things; and until we stop sending men the message that we cannot show vulnerability, or express our anger, sadness, disappointment, fear, and rage in healthy ways, we will continue to see this kind of hypermasculine aggression, which perplexes only those who do not make the connection between masculinity, violence, and guns.”

Their views are so important and so many others.

Together we can all prevent domestic violence and violence in general.