Yeah!!  It’s the second day!

I hope your 1st day went well. Remember, doing things to prevent a topic that nobody wants to talk about is hard…especially if it interrupts people’s “comfort and joy”


On the 2nd day of prevention I…

Spent 1 hour on facebook (for those of you who have facebook) “liking” domestic violence prevention facebook pages.

Excuse me…how is this prevention?  Oooh..that’s a good question.

When you like these domestic violence prevention pages, they get more likes and it advertises on your wall to others who look at your walls. They then are able to like these pages as well. When you like these pages, their feed will come into your “news feed” and you will have ample opportunities to share and help people prevent domestic violence through facebook.  Also, the more “likes” many organizations get…the more successful their prevention program and the more people will help with their funding…and help there to be less victims, more empowerment, and more survivors!

Some facebook pages we know of:

Pinellas DVTF

Victory over violence-team purple

Empowered and beautiful

Domestic Violence Awareness virtual vigil

The Haven of RCS

National Coalition Against Domestic violence

Break the silence against domestic violence

End domestic violence

There are so many more!!!!!!!   Start liking