The holidays are here. Pictures of Santa adorn Coke cans, all the stores are in their holiday clothes, and the words “Happy Holidays are on the lips of everyone.  Menorahs are being lit and boys and girls are opening up their gifts as they play dradel games.  Kwanza colors and gifts are being opened and given.  It’s that time!!!

Giving, joy, and peace are the words of the day – and we are all ready for the holiday traditions.

So in light of this wonderful time, and to take a Christmas tradition to another level…we’ve decided to usher in the 12 days of prevention. (Albeit, a take on the 12 days of Christmas.)

Now..imagine: For the next 12 days every person who reads this blog (50-60/day) does 1 thing to work toward preventing Intimate Partner Violence…that would mean by Dec 24 720 prevention things would be done.


That is a good start to prevention, and hopefully stop or at least hinder the amount of abuse that people will feel during this holiday season. (It’s very prevalent during this time…for those who don’t know. Personally…more than 1 Christmas tree was destroyed or thrown out of the house ornaments and all in my childhood during the holiday let us change THAT tradition!)

(Sing along)

On the 1st day of prevention I…

Spoke to my civic group/church/neighborhood watch group/family/friends/office group/team/living nativity/soup kitchen I volunteer at/kid’s school/PTA/etc/etc about paying attention to the signs of domestic violence and promoting healthy relationships and communication to all.