Still seen as normal:

Boy: power tools, cars, weapons, blocks, building, etc

Girl: baby dolls, dolls, cooking stuff, cleaning stuff, kitchen sets, etc

The colors are of course:

boy: red, blue, green, vibrants

girl: pink, purple, pastels

Is this right? Well, a lot of chefs don’t think so. Check out this article:

I agree that we need to see the world in a more gender neutral way.

To steal the slogan of the organization – you can’t be what you can’t see. We need to stop telling girls they can only be specifc jobs and act if specific ways. And of course, we DEFINETLY need to stop doing it to boys…I mean really, this creation of how boys are suppose to be is creating one of the most violent times of our existence. This idea of manhood is becoming quite blown out of proportion and we are at a crossroads that boys truly have to ask themselves: what kind of man will I become. We as a society are waiting for every man’s decision: violent or helping?

But the colors are where we have truly dropped the ball…and where this article truly makes a point.

Does a color matter…NO!!!!!  Why are we hung up on this? Why are we still creating this archaic view that a color depicts gender?