I was looking through the toys R us wish list catalog the other day since my kids are all GA GA for it.

I’m unable to put pictures because they can’t be downloaded…but I suggest you either go to the Toys R us website or pick up the toy r us catalog for yourself.

Every page that has a kitchen set, hair accessories, housework accessories, or even a doll….it’s pinkish(the colors that girls have been conditioned to look for “their” stuff) and has a girl.  No boys!  There is literally not a single boy on these pages.

So where do the boys come in?  When it’s violent. The more violent the toy, the more boys there are. The “gun” section has boys everywhere.

So when are boys and girls together?  The toddler area. I guess while being a toddler you’re on the same playing field…but as soon as you get to 8…you have to choose a side.

What’s really interesting is that even in the unisex section(bikes, skateboards, etc) where you’d expect a mixture of boys and girls…you see twice as many boys. Not only that,t he girls are playing with “pink” items.

brainwashing?  We know that people are what they see and what they have the ability to see themselves in. For example – 8 years ago they asked a group of black males if they thought they’d be able to be president….98% said no. The same questions was asked currently and the answer was almost a unanimous yes.

When I asked my daughters why they thought marketers did this they said, “Ok dad. We’re girls. We like “girl” things.” This is the response I got after constantly telling them that there are no “boy” and “girl” things.  When I pressed further they explained that “it’s hard to see the world as not divided because when you play with your friends you have to see it the same way as they do, or you don’t have friends and you can’t talk with them about stuff.”

Walmart has a boy and girl section….girl pink, boy blue.

Target has a red and white section…boys red with a lot of sharp edges, girls white with a lot of clean edges.

It has been proven that strict gender roles increase violence against women and domestic violence….this is an example of upholding these strict gender roles.