Above are links to an ad for breast cancer prevention and awareness.

I understand the need for this type of campaign.

However, how is this not objectification and sexualization of a woman’s body. The breast cancer ads are getting more and more focused on just breasts.

Save the breasts.

Save the boobies.

Save the tatas.

Save second base

All of these are ACTUAL campaign slogans with words we in the gender equality world have used to point out the derogatory way of sexualizing and objectifying women as merely body parts and not real thinking human beings.

In the anti-sexism world, gender equality, and women equality we are always saying we should not have pictures depicting women as only a body part, or things representing women’s body parts without a body connected to them. However, as you will see with the multiple advertisements of breast cancer awareness…this is ok because it’s about a disease. (Really?  Right.)  Is this really about a disease, or just a free pass to exploit breasts in a society where we are so breast centered?























These are merely a small (very very small) snapshot of the campaigns and advertisements out there asking people to prevent breast cancer, and encouraging women to get a mammogram to help prevention. However, after looking through the google search on “breast cancer awareness” I was amazed to see what looked like a teenage boys doodle book.

Let me assure you…i chose some of the more tame pictures….but I ask again…is this really about cancer, or is it more about breasts and an excuse to draw, depict, show, display, and play with them? I choose the latter.

Especially when you look at the death statistics of breast cancer compared with other cancers. As you can see in the chart below…Breast cancer has a significant death toll, but it truly low when compared to cancers we hear very little about such as lung cancer, Pancreatic, colon, and rectal cancer.

Let us not promote sexism, sexulaiztion of  a disease, or objectification just to try to prevent a disease.

When we see women as only sexual objects, we promote the abuse of women.

Cancer Type Estimated New Cases Estimated Deaths
Bladder 73,510 14,880
Breast (Female – Male) 226,870 39,510
Colon and Rectal (Combined) 143,460 51,690
Endometrial 47,130 8,010
Kidney (Renal Cell) Cancer 59,588 12,484
Leukemia (All Types) 47,150 23,540
Lung (Including Bronchus) 226,160 160,340
Melanoma 76,250 9,180
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma 70,130 18,940
Pancreatic 43,920 37,390
Prostate 241,740 28,170
Thyroid 56,460 1,780