Again…I have to make the comment of objectifying females.

This does not just show women as objects (which is bad in itself and a problem for women the world wide and promotes abuse…because when you see people as things, you can treat them however you feel those “things” need to be treated. This was seen in the slave trade in America and world wide currently towards many races and genders.)

But more over…it also produces a view of women that obstructs the real view of women for men.

When a man sees representations of women constantly (since we are “plugged in 24/7 now) they stop seeing what a real women looks like.

When we have a robot that looks, moves, acts, and anatomically resembles a woman it begins to be seen as the real thing, and machines are always a lot more “perfect” than we real people are.

Not only that, this does horrible things for the LGBTQ community (the gay world for the lay person).

When we depict what women are suppose to be like, it sets a gender role rigidity that does not let this community in. Not only that, if a male begins to identify their world to mechanical…they are fashioning themselves after a non reality in order to fit the gender role that our world forces them into.

Commercials like these are ripping the acceptance of the natural, normal, human being into shreds.   But many will say this is simply not true –

This is why adding plastic, pig enzymes, and various other products into our body is growing at such an alarming rate that many of the plastic surgery procedures are either an outpatient surgery, or something you can do on your lunch break.

Write letters, speak out, repost…do something to end the multiple ramifications this commercial and commercials like these can have on our youth and out world..