Verizon and A Call to men partner to end Domestic Violence

This is very big…Verizon has continually added money and their name to the prevention and education in order to end DV.

This site is:

Why is it called “Your voice counts”…because if we do not speak in one voice, this horrific chain of events will not end. Every person’s voice counts….every one.

We must end domestic violence therefore we must all speak up when we see it, hear it, or have knowledge about it!!

A few highlights of this site:

Five Ways for Men to Speak Up Against Domestic Violence

Speaking out against domestic violence is critical to ending it. Here are five simple steps for how to have this vital conversation.

Call 911. Be a bridge to help and safety.

If you suspect domestic violence (or any other crime) is happening, don’t think of it as a “private matter” or simply “none of your business”. Get involved. Use your voice to connect someone to life-saving resources like the National Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-799-7233). Verizon Wireless customers can simply dial #HOPE to be connected to the Hotline. If you believe someone is in imminent danger, please call 911.


How to Start the Conversation

A great way to raise awareness and educate others is within the teachable moments that happen in everyday conversations and experiences. We want to be intentional about seizing these moments while allowing the interaction to be sparked naturally. So look for an everyday experience or current event to invite another man to speak up against domestic violence.

A conversation with a friend

A commercial during a football game that has women as the brunt of the joke or has a message that is degrading and disrespectful towards women and girls can perpetuate violence. A simple matter-of-fact statement like, “that offends me” can have a huge impact and create an opportunity for future dialogue.


There is so much information…I urge everyone to go to this website and educate yourself, your neighbors, and send it to all.

Together we can end this plague that is on our world.