This is a problem spoken about by both the males and females of the world. Men use this word for women who are outspoken or towards women who have something to say. Unfrotunetly, most of the time when a man speaks his mind he is assertavive and outgoing, but when a woman does it…she’s a B****.

This sort of theory has increased abuse toward women because men have equated the fact that when a woman acts like this..she deserves to be “put in her place” force if necessary. This is domestic violence!

When this happens women naturally retalitate…because that’s what we are taught to do in our violent society. When this retaliation happens, men attack again….this is a war and this is the world we live in right now, and women feel this every moment (especially the women who have been taught that they have a voice).

When men act like what we as a society has decided is feminine – women and men use this word (Bitch) to degrade them and this is very often used in the LGBTQ community.

Simply..we must stop labeling and creating this verbal abuse both ways. Women should be seen as women, and seen as a human being. Men should be seen as a matter how he acts…as a human being.

How can we end this verbal abuse?