Why is it that we look at a victim and immediately question why they are in the situation in the first place.

Why don’t we question why the person did what they did?

Our empathy toward people is held in such a selfish regard, it floors me.

This is an excerpt from a real conversation:

Victim: It happened again last night.

“Friend”: really?

Victim: I thought it was going to be ok. She came home and everything was going to be fine. She took a shower and that’s when it all went bad. There was no shampoo so she had to get out and get it, and hit me over the head with the empty bottle saying that she shouldn’t have to go through life like this. I tried to ignore it, but as soon as she got out and was drying off she began screaming.

Friend: Why didn’t you leave right then?

Victim: What?  I can’t. She’ll kill me. I don’t know how to escape.

Friend: Well if you’re not going to leave, then I can’t help you and I don’t want to hear about this stuff anymore.

Where is the victim left?  In silence and fear. This victim is so in fear of their life they have no idea what to do. Death, torture, and pain are all real realities to them. So what if you think they can just leave.  EDUCATE yourself on why victims don’t just leave.

If you were told that things you love would be killed and destroyed if you left, would you leave?

If you were told how stupid, moronic, ugly, and dependent you were every day of your life, would you have the strength to leave?

If you saw that you were in this relationship, and you choose this person as your mate, and you felt it was your fault that you were in this situation…would you leave?

If you answered any of these questions and you aren’t in this situation right now….you CAN’T answer these questions.

Every time we assume that someone can do something that they just can’t, we re-victimize the victim.

They need help.

They need to know what resources are out there.

They need to know the steps they can follow to get out.

They need time!

Help…don’t re-victimize!