A young man told me he liked wearing skirts too…when I told him, though I’m a guy, I think skirts are comfortable.  I always say they help with the “crushing” factor.

I was looking at a dead dog in the street and it had a collar that said, my family loves me. It made me cry and made me pick up the dog and find his home. 3 boys watched me do this and watched me cry…they called me a “pussy” for crying. I asked them if they had a dog and their response was, “Yeah, so.” Then I showed them the collar and said, some little boy put this collar on this dog because it was their dog. I told them that’s why i was crying and it was ok to cry. They looked at each other and began to cry thinking about their dog lying in the street. those boys helped me bag up the dog to take to the vet.

I watched a boy throw a ball…he was 9. He couldn’t throw it at all, maybe his brain just wasn’t connecting the way the muscles had to work. An older boy told him he threw like a girl, so I had the little girl on the fast pitch softball team who lives next door to throw the older boy a ball. I explained…that’s throwing like a girl. The boy has now stopped people using that phrase. BTW – the 9 year old is now 20, and still doesn’t know how to throw a baseball, but he’s really good at drawing.

We have to redefine manhood…we have to redefine what a man is!