Here on the gulf coast, Pinellas County, Florida, USA to be exact we have had a record breaking year.

Record breaking heat.

Record breaking winds and thunderstorms.

Also, record breaking number of deaths. In our little (add area of pin county) one of the smallest counties in the state – we have had 12 domestic homicides.

A domestic homicide is when the person killing the other person is a person whom the deceased loved, trusted, and is the 1 person who they shouldn’t be afraid of.

In tracking these deaths through the years we have found a number of alarming facts. One of these facts is that most of the victims had someone in their life or in their community that knew what was going on. Knew that these were not merely altercations, but these were fights that were leading to the person’s death.

How many times does someone hear something and decide not to do anything. How many times to people see something and decide it’s not their place to intervene when the victim wishes you to do at least that. How many times has someone been the only life line to a victim, and they left. It’s time we do something!

As a bystander we have a responsibility to do something about the violence we see on an everyday basis. But what can you do?  This is why the Pinellas County Domestic Violence Task Force has put together a panel of knowledgeable guests to explain exactly what any one can do as a bystander to save these people.

We don‘t need another body.

Click the link below for the full flyer!

Being a better bystander