Why should you wear purple?

October is domestic violence awareness and prevention month.  The color purple has been adopted by the domestic violence cause as the color to remind everyone that domestic violence exists on a daily basis and  the silence must be ended.

This proverbial “silence” that is spoken of in the domestic violence deals with the fact that most victims of domestic violence suffer in isolation. They are either told not to tell or their will receive dire consequences, or they are so ashamed that it is happening to them and they are “letting” it happen to them…that the victim is silent and you will never truly know what is happening at their household.

There is also silence in the friends and family. When the victim does say something, it is only to get it off of their chest, not to make it public. Then comes the pleas of desperation for them to never ever say anything to anyone.  With those pleas…the veil of silence falls again on the horrid violence and treatment of the victim as well as the children and animals involved.

Purple says that this silence must end. The perpetrators must be exposed and brought to justice. There can never be another woman or man in the world afraid of their own home and life, or the person who say they love them.

We must always remember the people who have died at the hands of their loved one (12 in this county this year alone), the ones who have escaped their perpetrator, and finally the ones that have  escaped their abusers and became one who has survived and now thrives.  Wearing purple does just that.

Whenever you see purple, remember that DV must end and the people experiencing it now must be found and helped to safety.

Wear your purple!