This is a dream of mine…not because I like purple. Because purple is domestic violence awareness month.

A young woman received a 4.8 GPA. She went to college and graduated top of her class…sum cum laude. She begin dating a great guy. 5 years later, she has never used her degree, she has 2 kids she didn’t want but was forced to have. One of them was conceived while she was unknowingly drugged up with sleeping pills. Beatings became normal and the children’s lives were always held over her head in order for her to perform tasks that her husband wanted her to do. She walked into our office and asked if she could get some information “for a friend”. By the end of the visit she was filing out the paperwork for a restraining order and finally breathing a sigh of relief. She came in because she was trying on a blouse that he had picked out for her to wear since she wasn’t allowed to pick out her own clothes. In the dressing room was a small card that asked: Does your partner hurt you?

We encourage everyone who is associated with us to put cards in dressing rooms, bathroom, kitchens, etc. Anywhere someone can go without their abuser following them , is where we place the cards.

So I asked if she was on facebook and she replied “of course everyone is.” Suddenly it came to me: facebook to change dv!

Before you say no…seriously think about it for a moment.

What if you posted 2 posts a day asking people to remember domestic violence month. It could be a picture, a quote, or just a post.  Then ask every “friend” you have to do the same.

Let’s look at the numbers. You have 100 “Friends”. If only 10 people do it, that means there are 30 more posts.

30 posts that are talking to everyone on their facebook page to help prevent and bring awareness of Dv

Let’s say of these 30, 10 are shared…..btw- that’s 40 posts now.

Of those 10, 2 more are shared…now that’s 42.

But when we start to look at people who have thousands of “friends” the numbers are so big…that this could become a very large posting.

BUT…that’s not the point. The point is…what if 1 person sees this post and finds safety and survival. That’s 1 less person.

1 less person being abused.

1 less person in a living hell.

1 less person in pain.

1 less child who has to go through it all!

This is a call to action…post 2 Dv awareness posts on your facebook per day for the next 20 days.

Let us know what happens…please!