What does a healthy relationship look like?

Well…it looks like this video…but so much more. Read on…for more.


Signs of a healthy relationship!!!!

Supports your relationship with your and their friends and family.

ž  Maintains their own friends, and wants you to hang out with your friends too.

ž  Asks and values your opinion

ž  You can express your opinions, ideas, and dreams and do not feel threatened.

ž  Talks and listens to you

ž  Accepts responsibility for their behavior, feelings, and thoughts

ž  Apologizes when they’re wrong, and accepts your apology when you’re wrong.

ž  Considers the relationship a partnership.

ž  Shares in the decision making and wants you to share.

ž  Expects each person to deal with their own money, and doesn’t use money to get their way.

ž  Treats other people and animals with respect. (Especially their parents, elders, and servers)

ž  Is not upset about your relationship with someone of the opposite or same sex.

ž  Trusts you and expects to be trusted.

ž  Encourages you in your goals and dreams.

ž  Points out the positive in your appearance, your actions, and your ideas.

ž  You feel safe with.

ž  Resolves conflict without resorting to violence or put downs.

ž  Tries to understand how you feel.

ž  Accepts all aspects of who you are.

ž  Understands that people need some time alone to be with themselves, their family, or friends.

ž  Text you only when you respond or it is appropriate to text. Does not ask for nude pics.

ž  Understands NO, and variation of the word,  still means No!!