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In recent months you may have seen several parodies of the hit pop song, “Call Me, Maybe” floating around (such as the 2012 USA Olympic swimming team and the Harvard baseball team).  The education department at Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center (SPARCC) thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to garner the attention of young people and start a conversation about the problematic issues related to dating and traditional stereotypes in our culture’s understanding of girls and how they relate to guys.  A few weeks ago, a large group of girls filmed SPARCC’s own parody in downtown Sarasota.  We owe a huge thanks to these girls as well as to several local Sarasota businesses for allowing us to film on their property.  Educator Jacqui Kulaga choreographed and edited the video and did a fantastic job.

Our version of the song includes altered lyrics that are more empowering than the original and is accompanied by a blog entry that dissects the lyrics and why we chose to change them.

I’m asked all the time on this blog…what can we do to get the message oyut to people, to teens, etc.

Here’s a great idea!!!!!