Verizon Grant Funds Dating Violence Awareness NIE (Newspapers in Education) Program for Middle School


150,000 students in the Tampa Bay area will receive a newspaper specifically created to teach them about what Teen Dating Violence is, the signs that they need to look for, and most importantly….how to prevent it all around.

Not only is this a huge win for the Tampa Bay area, it’s also a huge win for every student in the area!

What’s even cooler is this is not a bunch of newspaper reporters getting together to decide what should be in this special edition of the newspaper regarding teen dating violence. On the contrary, Sue Bedry(in picture on the right in the article) went around to the entire Tampa Bay area and sought out the experts in the field. The outreach centers that deal with Teen Dating violence prevention everyday is where the information has been taken from.

One question that was very important was: What can a middle school person do to prevent it altogether?

This is the greatest question, because when we can change the way that the young people see things, we have the ability to change the future.

Not only that, this newspaper will show them not only what they can do…but also that they are not alone with dealing with this situation.

So many students watch relationship violence happen in their home. Then they get texts about it happening to their friends. Then they walk into school and watch it happen in the halls. They realize it’s wrong, but nobody is doing anything to stop it…so it must be OK right?

That’s what is so cool about this newspaper, it will educate them and show them that…NO, it’s not OK. Then they will have information and ideas of what to tell their friend to help them in their relationships. What they can look for if they are in a relationship themselves. Then they can also get ideas that they can do RIGHT NOW to prevent it from happening in their world altogether.

And…if it’s bigger than them…there are places they can call..A LOT of places!

All of this in one newspaper that is handed out to everyone!  This si the way prevention works. This is the exposure that this cause needs.

Now, we just have to do it in all communities. That’s where YOU, the reader, come in. Contact your newspaper, write press releases and articles and try to get them published. This can happen in your community.

Now imagine…what if…

What if this did happen in all communities?  That would be amazing.

One step closer to the elimination of abuse!