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“I know domestic violence is bad, and that the way this world treats women is bad…but what can I do about it?”

What can I do…the most often phrased comment in this movement, in this cause, in this world…on so many things.

What can you do?  Well as the great 6th century poet said…start with you.

1. Self check…How do you feel about this cause?  Do you question “Why she/he won’t leave?”Do you question why the victim makes the other person mad?  Do you think this is an anger issue?  Do you think that men just get a bad rap? Do you not see how gender inequality pushes this abuse forward and further?  If ANY of this applies to you…you need to educate yourself and everyone around you about the real issue. Multiple pieces have been written on this blog about power and control and all of the other questions above.

2. What do you have the ability to do? This is big!  Can you do something at your job?  Do you have free time at home?  Are your kids into helping people?  Are you really wanting to do something?  What talents do you have that can help?

3. Check out this blog. At the top fo this blog you will notice another page…it says Things anyone can do to END Domestic Violence. Click there and you’ll be given A LOT of ideas and thoughts that you can do. Or you can just click the link above.