The power and control wheel explains in one simple graphic how power and control inches into and destroys a relationship. It explains the signs to look for to decide if you truly are in a domestic violent relationship.

Remember…there are a lot more abuses out there than just physical.  The power and control wheel points it all out.

But where did this wheel come from?

When you speak of the history of the power and control wheel you have to speak about the “Duluth Model”..but what’s that.

A group of women in Duluth, MD created the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project.  This was the first time anyone ever tried to come up with a reason to why Domestic Abuse was happening, and the 1ast time anyone thought of preventing it.

Then 1984 arrived and changed the world forever:

– Apple McIntosh was introduced

– Ronald Reagan won his 2nd term.

-Michael Jackson was burned during the filming of a Peps Cola commercial.

– John Delorean’s famous trial is ended and so are his famous cars.

– Ceaser Chavez speaks his famous “Farm Workers” speech beginning the equal rights for farmers and immigrants movement.


Ellen Pence and her team create what is now called the Duluth mode of intervention in domestic violence cases, Coordinated Community Response (CCR), which uses an interagency collaborative approach involving police, probation, courts and human services in response to domestic abuse. The primary goal of CCR is to protect victims from ongoing abuse and the power and control wheel.

The power and control wheel, as I said above, was the first attempt to teach men and the world about the many forms of abuse and the many ways abusers use to keep their victims in fear and silence.

This was the first time the silence was truly broken!

Let us always remember, domestic violence, Rape, bullying, and violenc ein genderal is based and created from Power and Control! Anger is never the reason, merely the result.


Opt 4 ending power and control