There is a show on Disney channel called Jessie. The simple premise of the show:

There are two parents that are too busy to be at home with their biological and adopted children because of their film and modeling careers. Therefore they hire multiple caretakers to deal with their 4 children. Jessie is the only one that they like and has stayed.

The show introduced at charachter named “Creepy Connie”. This charachter is the definition of an abusive girlfriend. She wants only one of the kids, NICK, and she will do anything to get him.  Anything means punching through steel lockers, causing other girls to “fall down three flights of stairs”, “superglue a wrench to her braces”, and even “put her in a body cast” all in order to get Nick to kiss her.

The particular episode is called “Creepy Connies Curtain Call”, Season 1, Episode 23,  where Connie wants to be the leading female role in a play so that she can kiss Nick. After causing bodily and near fatal injury to the other girls in the cast, she gets the part. What ensues at the end is a horrific depiction that could easily appear in movies such as the “Burning Bed”, Sleeping with the enemy”, and “Love is not enough”. Connie chases Nick around the set yelling for him to kiss her(a preteen version of sex – so you can see the larger context here). Finally, he trips and she attacks him with multiple props and violent instruments. Many of the scenes are from Nick’s perspective as he is on the floor attempting to doge the possibly fatal bludgeoning that the floor is receiving just inches from his face. Finally the scene is stopped when she pulls out a flame thrower and is going to burn nick alive.  All of this happens amidst laughter, a laugh track, bright happy colors, and jokes.

Excerpts of the show are below: watch for the violence!

The adult, Jessie, steps in and tells her she can’t have anyone she wants. Here is where Disney has an opportunity to make a comment about Tenn Dating Violence, or how wrong this character’s actions are…but….instead…they decide to condone the actions by having another male character explain how he “likes her fiery and spicy ways” and reward these actions with a volatile abusive relationship.

This show is marketed to a 8-12 year old demographic. This celebrating and promoting teen dating violence.

Why is this ok?

Why are we allowing this?