Low self-esteem, Antisocial personality, Low life satisfaction 

How a person sees themselves is a very big risk factor to violence is general. If a person has in their life had multiple adverse experiences, they are going to see the world differently than someone who did not. These life experiences mold and create who a person is, and how they feel about society and the people in it. However, these people still have the basic needs of every human being: water, food, shelter, human contact, and love. Sadly, their view of love and intimacy and a relationship is quite a bit different from others.

A person who has low self-esteem (they don’t see themselves as good at all), is antisocial, and thinks their like sucks will push that idea onto every person they come in contact with. When this person enters a relationships, it is possible they have created coping mechanisms to mask and hide these ideas and thoughts. However, soon they will appear in the most violent and nasty behavior we call abuse.

These people need to understand that they are valued as a human being and that life is truly a lot better than they realize. However, until they see this they will dehumanize people lower and lower till they themselves feel above them and have power over them. Only in this way can these people find happiness, because for once they are better than someone else. This idea of being better is something they strive to be on an ongoing basis. They will take every opportunity they can to figure out a way to show themselves as better, bigger, in more control, and having more than everyone around them…especially the person they are dating.

Does this sound like bullying?  It should!

How do we correct this?

This starts as a small child. This is why parenting and the people you have around children are so important!!! We as adults create how children see themselves, the world, and the people around them. Correcting this problem begins at birth. Correcting the problem later, is all about re-engineering the brain to accept ideas that are against those that were taught as children.