We live in a society that is in flux!

It’s constantly changing, and constantly becoming different.

We, here at opt4, are striving to direct this changing society of ours so that it becomes a society where violence toward our loved ones doesn’t exist. Actually, I step back…we are not only striving to prevent domestic violence and all the names that are used to refer to it (Intimate partner violence, family violence, domestic dispute, etc, etc), but also violence in general.
We are working to look at the root causes of violence, exploit it, and ask everyone who reads or sees our posts to please help us change it. We are asking everyone to repost, reblog, retumble, and even tweet all of the information we put up so that we are able to speak to and inform as many people as we possibly can.

The more people who know, the more change will exist.

The more change that happens, the less people get abused….the less people become a prisoner in their own house/relationship…..the less people are treated horribly and disrespectfully…..the less people DIE!  Yes, DIE!

We must always remember that the root cause of all violence, especially Domestic violence, is power and control. The belief that one person(regardless of gender) wants to have power and control over another person and they will do anything and go to any extremes to make sure they have this control and have this power.

But, what creates this idea that someone would want such power and control?

These are called the risk factors…the things that promote domestic violence in a person and in our society.

Risk factors and the way of overcoming them…is what this blog is all about. For when we overcome the risk factors, we end the violence.


These are the factors in people who create a person to crave power and control over someone else.

1. Lack of empathy or belief in superiority over their partner’ gender, Jealousy

This is the view that men are better or must have power of women.  This idea is used in ALL relationships, even ones where the partner is the same sex. No matter what, the abuser views the other person as below them and they need to be controlled to do what is “best for them”.

This view ok’s all maltreatment and violence towards women and gay men because they are seen as weaker, child-like, and even objects to be used.

We see this throughout our world in the way women and gay men are treated and refereed to.  Women are seen as objects and body parts to be looked at and used for the pleasure of whomever is viewing them. We exploit this idea by creating ads and video depiction of women as nothing else but a pretty face and pretty body and nothing else. (If you look back through the blog you will see many depictions of women as objects, items, and in archaic limiting social roles.)This then creates the porn culture, the sexist advertising and industries, and limitations on girls and women.

When these views are felt by a person, they begin to see everything and everyone as either “mine”(property) or “theirs” (not my property). When we see things as property, we protect it and keep it safe from someone else having it. This kind of makes sense with your $80,000 car. You’re going to make sure that no one hurts it, touches it, drives it, and when you’re away you have to protect it with alarms, surveillance systems etc. However, when you do this with a real person it is called slavery. YOU CAN NOT OWN ANOTHER PERSON!  When a person decides that a person is their property or belongs to them….jealousy exists and it can end in fatal results.  Nobody owns someone’s movements, thoughts, or ideas….and jealousy believes that you do.

Gay men are depicted and exploited to be seen as toys for other men and as weaker than “normal straight” men. Because this risk factor hold “men” as the top of the pyramid, anything less is below them and bust be controlled and injured in order for those under the “man” to understand “his” superiority. Gay men, are a particular threat to this idea of manhood since they are men. Not only are they not women, who according to this risk factor are obviously below men, but they mock the “real man” by looking like him, by sharing his gender, and by wanting to be seen as equal to him.

The more we can educate people out of this misogynistic attitude and idea, the more respect for women and gay men will appear.