I give you this 10 min video to educate, to bring awareness, to help end this affront to women and services women are able to have.

Instead of adding my own spin, i want to just quote the video:

People making laws and decisions about women’s health care and the services they need or do not need are not women and not doctors! That means non-doctor males are deciding what is best for women.

– My comment: In the power and control wheel (the blueprint for what is domestic violence or a domestic violent relationship) there is a spoke where the abuser makes all the decisions for the victim because they believe they do not know what’s good for them. Much as an adult makes  decisions for young children. These men are abusers to the women of the country! DV must be stopped.

The government decided to set up a panel on woman’s health. The panel was made up of mostly religious white men.

– My comment: This is a panel of men to decide what is right for women. This is the male privileged, abuser mentality!

In the 1960’s a group of funding called Title X was created as a way for women to get free breast cancer screenings, free cervical cancer screenings, free Uterine cancer screenings, and free general reproductive health benefits and help. This was repealed in 2012.  When it was first suggested that it should be repealed, there was a unanimous NO! However, the majority of the people in the senate (republicans – I’m not trying to make this political…this is the facts.) said that if it wasn’t repealed they would walk off and shut down the government.

– Sounds like a bunch of bullies and abusers using their power and control to get what they want.  This is directly from a spoke of the power and control wheel. By the way, they said that this needed to be done to balance the budget. Title X is .0008% of that budget.

All women are in a domestic violent relationship with the men of the government that believe they know what is right for them.

Opt 4 ending this war on women.

Opt 4 ending the atrocities of men in control.

Opt 4 seeing genders as equal.