I go into middle schools, high schools, after school programs, and anywhere that I can talk to people about preventing domestic violence, teen dating violence, sexual assault, rape, and violence in general.

At the end of all of my speeches, even the ones where I actually give everyone ideas, people come up to me and ask what they can do to change this.

That is why the title to this post is what it is.

What can you do to change the way things are?

Well, there’s a website called change.org...you can create a petition to change anything you want.

A young lady by the name of Julia Bluhm decided to put a petition together to stop photoshopping in the pictures of Seventeen. She did this because young ladies read seventeen, look at the models, and believe they could get a body, a figure, and a complexion like they see. Even if they don’t consciously realize that they are thinking this, this si what their mind believes. However, 98% of all the pictures are photoshopped and messed with. Therefore, nobody that is born naturally will EVER have these complexions or bodies because they have been computer created.

This distortion of perception creates body image issues, self esteem problems, etc…the list goes on and on.

Well, Julia’s 5000 signature petition was signed (Yes, I signed it) and she sent it to Seventeen. They said…that;s nice.

So she went to a number of other organizations, and Julia Bluhm has changed how Seventeen does things in their magazine.

So what are you going to do?

Here’s some ideas:
1. Print out flyers about gender equality, stopping dv, etc and hand them out wherever you go.

2. Get a pack of post-it notes and ask everyone to prevent dv or sexual assault by helping you tell everyone its wrong.

3. Make youtube videos about why it needs to be stopped! Now! Get angry. Get happy.  Make it go viral and get the message out.

4. start a blog and tell everyone about it.

5. Get a group of friends and make a pact that everyday you will each post something on facebook about preventing DV or sexual assault.

6. Start a club…all you need is one sponsor at school.

7. Tweet. Tweet. Tweet. Tweet and follow as many people as you can about preventing dv.

8. Start a petition.

9. Start a company that works toward preventing dv and sexual assault.

10. Write and write and write to every company, advertiser, and group that promotes sexist/degrading/and gender violent ideas.

Yes….we can all do this!  Yes….we can all do something!