NCADV, the national coalition Against (preventing) Domestic violence has just announced that you can help them with your left over electronic stuff.

Do you have an old cell phone?  Are you letting your kid or little brother play with it…it’s time that phone does more than call imaginary people. That phone can help and be a lifeline for a real person.

See, NCADV partners with Cellular Recycler for the collection of used cell phones. We receive a portion of the monies that come from the sale of refurbished cell phones to support our programming that helps stop violence in the home.

Cellular Recycler’s mission is to create a nationwide cellular recycling program to keep valuable cellular equipment out of landfills. Their warehouse is one of the only facilities in the world dedicated to cell phone recycling that is ISO 9001:2000 and IAER certified. For more information on their programs, e-mail

Go out and help the earth and help stop violence in the family!