This is a very big question when we look at the depictions of women in our world.

But, it doesn’t come from me.  This question comes from a 10 and a 11 year old girls trying to find out who they are in the world.  Scary that they would have to ask this question.

One girl wants to be the owner and creator  of an Art and Design studio that creates works of art in their clothes as well as their paintings.

One of these girls wants to be a marine biologist who helps save the oceans and trains dolphins.

They have been told they can do anything they want to ,a nd have the ability to create any type of future they decide to create.

They were watching TV and they noticed two ads.

1 ad shows women as mindless sex crazed women who will do anything and stop at nothing to get their man when they smell a specific cologne. According to the commercial, if a man sprays this cologne women will loose all thoughts and ideas, and will just go crazy and get this man no matter what! Not only that, the close-ups on the woman’s butt, wet thighs, and breasts show us that these must be the important parts of women.

The two girls looked at me and asked..”why?  Women are so much more than that. They are leaders. They are artists, designers, biologists. Why do they display women as sweaty body parts.”

2. This ad shows women fighting over a grill, that obviously could be shared…but instead they start pushing eachother. Not only that, they are wearing the most scantily clad outfits to bar be cue in. There are constant close ups on the meat (obvious sexual reference) and then back to various parts of the women’s body. Then they sit down, interlock their arms like a wedding toast, and eat the burgers like they’ve never eaten a piece of food in their life.

The two girls looked at me and held up their hands. that is when they asked the question: Who are women? Are these women or are our heroes women?

Who are their heroes? Artists, biologists, the trainor who helped save Winter the dolphin, Eleanor Roosevelt, Hellen Keller, Susan B. Anthony, etc.

That’s a question we as society must answer.  Here are the two commercials:

We must answer these girls’ question because it’s the only example many people have of what women do, who women are, and most importantly – Who a girl should grow up to be.

These commercials point out what the men who are the demographic want to see, but they also show us what we accept as “normal” and “okay” in our culture and society.

This view of women as mindless body parts promotes domestic violence and sexual assault…we must do something to end this, or these crimes will continue.

BTW – Pinellas County Florida has had 11 fatalities this year alone because of domestic violence.