This the third and last section/part to our look at comics and their sexism and gender equality problems that are inherent because they are inherent in our own society.

Remember, the main reason for pointing this out is not to lay blame on the comics, the comic creators, the artists or anything that sinister or vindictive. They are merely showing us that this IS our society. It is up to us to change this view.

Much like the ghosts in Charles Dickens’ classic  A Christmas Carol these comics are merely pointing out what is happening now, and what can continue to happen. It is always up to us to decide if we are going to do something about it.

This blog, as it always has, is asking you to take a stand and do something about it.

Wghat…you may ask.

Here are a few ideas…before the last comic:

1. Reblog this so that more people see it and are aware of the problems of our society and culture.

2. start talking about it in every way you can…facebook, twitter,every social media you have your hands on, a blog, a tumblr,e-mail, friendly conversations, etc.

3. Teach. teach. teach. You remember that scene in the Adam Sandler movie: Big Daddy where he is lecturing the pre-schoolers about drinking and driving and smoking. This got a big laugh, but concerning this issue…it’s not funny, it’s real. Pre-schoolers and elementary schoolers are already creating and developing ideas and thoughts about gender roles, relationships, and what is it to be a man and woman in this world and culture we live in.

4. Educate everyone with pamphlets. Help people who are already doing it.

5. Do something!

Now, let us talk about the view of women in our society:

Blondie is created by Dean Young and John Marshall. Blondie has always been a little behind the times when it comes to gender equality. It wasn’t until the beginning of this millennium that Blondie was “allowed” to work and when she became more successful than her husband, it became a very big riff in the comic’s world.

This comic speaks to what exactly is a female. Dagwood wants in after work but his wife won’t let him in. She wants to make herself up because she believes she looks terrible. The plain and simple truth is a woman looks like a woman no matter what they are doing.

A healthy relationship view would state that a person does not fall in love or marry a person based on the physical appearance alone. Therefore, the physical appearance of your wife (even after the 30+ years Blondie has been in the strips) has little to do with her true beauty. In fact, the full and complete acceptance of your mate is the goal of all healthy relationships.

This strip points out that Dagwood agrees with Blondie when she sticks her face out and she’s a mess. This solidifying the fact that unless a wife looks great, she is not acceptable for public display. This is the same idea as a rick or classy object such as a vintage car. When we compare things to women, we roll down the road of seeing women not as living breathing people, but as objects to be used and looked at.

This idea of female objectivity is a major problem that leads to domestic violence. If a person or culture sees a section of that culture as a “thing” than it is easy to hurt, destroy, and beat that section of the culture. This is exactly what we are seeing done to women. Their rights are slowly being eroded. Domestic abuse and fatality is increasing, and the media is showing them as less and less respected. Rape is under question and what they are allowed to do with their own bodies   is decided for them my older men as if they were children.

This strip asks us if this gender inequality is ok or do we agree with Dagwood? Sadly, currently, our culture and many of the women are taught this as well, agree with dagwood.

Now…check yourself.

If you are a woman reading this – will you go out without makeup, a shower, etc? If you won’t you are a product of this society that is being depicted.

If you are a man reading this – do you think a woman should go out without makeup, a shower, etc? If you do you are a product of this society that is being depicted.