A major comment on a major director’s patriarchal thoughts and ideas. Why is this so important? Because he is one of the people in the world who are creating the way our society thinks and acts.

Here’s an example (which I’ve actually seen happen):

A young girl and a young boy watch a tv show. The young girl identifies with the female characters and the young boy identifies with the male characters. Suddenly, the girl begins taking on and having ideas similar to the female character and the boy begins having ideas and acting out the way the male character is. This is the normal and a natural way of things.

However, let us give this real context. If the male is sexist and the female is merely a body part or an accessory to the male parts, then we have a little boy that learned to be sexist and treat women as body parts. The boy also has been taught and now believes that men are above women (the beginning of the power and control that causes domestic violence and violence against women) Equally scary – The girl now see herself as nothing but a pretty face, and accepts that she will never be as good as a male. Not only that, she will never aspire to be anything but a male accesory.

This is what this man this article is about…is doing Creating a fertile bed of power and control, sexism, and patriarchy that will continue to promote and increase domestic violence and objectification of women.

Men's Anti-Violence Council

Don’t get me wrong, I REALLY like watching Aaron Sorkin dramas. Studio 60, Sports Night, West Wing, and now Newsroom on HBO. His movies are also really interesting as character studies as well. Whether it is A Few Good Men, Money Ball, or The Social Network; I have seen and enjoyed them all to a varying degree.

But Aaron Sorkin has a Patriarchy Problem. And I don’t think I’m the only one who notices. You can check out some other critiques of Sorkin’s treatment of women here, here, or here.

I am broadly defining patriarchy in this context as a system where men, often prioritized by age, hold power and influence in the absence of and/or to the exclusion of women.

This is by no means a definitive or one size fits all definition, but as a starting point, I think it is an apt definition. Especially…

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