I know there has been a lot of rape comments and writings lately.

But it’s a very very serious issue that needs to be taken seriously.

Plus, with all of the talk with Todd Akin and his crazy comments it’s a needed conversation that everyone needs to be speaking to everyone you know.

A few numbers for you:

Personally – I am a man and every woman I’ve known since I turned 18 has shared with me that she has either been or attempted to be raped. 100%…that’s crazy.  That’s absurd. That’s gross. That’s sickening. It makes me want to take my “male” card and tear it up. How can men do this?


1 in 5 women are raped.

A woman is raped every 2 minutes(120 seconds)


Watch the clock.

Wait 2 minutes………….

If you are a man…apologize that a fellow man has done this to a woman, and find strength to pick up her banner to end rape completely!

If you are woman….Understand it was not her fault. Stand taller and speak louder till it ends!

Also….please remember – Men are also victims of raped.

Nobody has the right to enter a person’s body without consent. PERIOD!

Opt 4 the end of all rape.

Opt 4 the end of all violence.

Opt 4 the end of the war on women by the governemnt

opt 4 educating, re-educating everyone about why it is so important to stop the violence and stop the rape!