This is yet another ad by the axe (Unilever company that also makes DOVE and many other pro-women products) company that reduces women to merely breasts. Surprise surprise.

BUT wait…it also reduces men to just hair.

What does this say?  Men only see women as a pair of breasts AND women only see men as a head of hair.

This is truly a low for our society. In order to sell a product we are allowed to show women and men as only a body part. But not just a body part, a cut up body part.

Cut up?

Yep, that’s right. Cut up. What advertising has been doing to women for years, cutting out their full body to show just a piece of them. We see a shirt being modeled by a woman, and instead of seeing a woman wearing the shirt, we only see a torso with a shirt on…making sure to focus on the breasts by making the shirt 3 sizes too small. This happens with everything…look around, chopping of women’s bodies is all over the advertising world.

But, what does the advertising world have to say about this commercial?  They love it!  As they say…it works.

They explain that this commercial is great because it shows what really happens when two people meet.  “Axe is trying to do here is help make you look your best when you first approach the object of your desire. And, yes, that person is just an object at that point. You haven’t spoken. You haven’t exchanged pleasantries. You haven’t even heard the other person’s voice. For all you know the person could turn out to be an idiot.”

Now did you notice that….they are saying that when you first see a person they are only an object. What!!!!

We should never see a person as just an object of a desire. We should never see a person, male or female, as merely the body parts that they have. People should be seen as people!  Living, breathing, feeling – people. This si the exact idea, thought, and belief that promotes violence towards someone else. This is the exact idea, thought, and belief that promotes domestic violence and gender atrocities. If we see a person as an “object of our desire”, we don’t care how we treat them because they are just an object…they are nothing more than a body part.

These are the ideas and thoughts we must strive to end.

Opt 4 no objectification of people.

Opt 4 seeing people as living, breathing, feeling, human beings.

Opt 4 seeing people as real people.

Opt 4 seeing people as someone’s daughter, someone’s mother, someone’s loved one – they aren’t just some body part.

Opt 4 speaking out about this type of obvious sexism and objectification of people!