I walked down a toy aisle today and of course the toy aisles are created to be “boys” side and “girls” side.

I walked down the “girl” aisle first. I only say it is the girl aisle because it is what girls gravitate to. It’s the land of pink. I call it the “Pink aisles”. What did I see?

baby dolls

baby doll accessories (stroller, high chair, food, bottles, pac and play{it’s a crib that folds up}, car seats, car seats that fit in strollers, etc, etc…{It looks like the baby aisle of most department stores or big baby stores.}


barbie accessories (the house, camper, suv, beetle, the plane, the beach set, the vet set, the pediatrician set, etc., etc)

dress up clothes (princess, swim suit, gowns, various hats and clothes and boas, etc, etc)

Hair stuff (berets, head bands, pony tail holders, wigs, etc, etc)

Over side heads with no body (to do their hair)

more dolls (all shapes and sizes)

kitchen sets

laundry sets

it’s a complete “small size” sets of everything you’d find in the home.

Interesting enough – what do girls want to do: do hair, play with barbies and take care of baby dolls. What do girls want to be when they grow up(ask most little girls): vets, pediatrician, etc.)  All of these things you can find in this aisle.  When do they start getting these presents and toys?     AGE 1

Then I turned the corner and went into the “boys section”. Again, I call it boys because this is the aisle that boys gravitate to. What did I see there?

action figures – beefed up 4-5 times what they were in the 60’s and 70’s (in boys talk they are not dolls)

every action figure has a weapon (sword, gun, knife, grenade, bazooka, lazer rifle, etc, etc)

finger skateboards and all the accessories that go with it (grip tape, ramps, etc, etc)

wrestling figures (hulked up to massive proportions)

Wrestling accessories (wrestling ring, chairs to hit, bottles to break, metal bars to mame)

artillery (every kind of toy gun imaginable even ones that really shoot things, bombs, knives, swords, bow and arrows, etc, etc)

spy equipment – as the box reads “to spy on your parents and your sister” – (night vision goggles, helicopter with camera, secret listening devices)

cars and trucks

cars and trucks accessories (life kits, ramps, race tracks, jumps, etc, etc)

remote control (cars, boats, hover crafts, helicopters, trucks, semis, etc, etc)

dress up stuff (to become an army person, a fire person, a cop, a monster, a super hero, etc, etc)

As the boys grow up what do they want to do: be violent, race cars/boats/trucks, and shoot things. They are introduced to these things by age 1.

Interesting as it is…is men’s violence created or taught?

These toys are a direct creation of our society. Teaching boys that violence, violent things, and drivable items are the key to happiness and fun. Teaching girls that plush, cute, household things equal fulfillment and fun.

To conclude:

Boys – violent people who are obsessed with vehicles.

Girls – nonviolent people obsessed with their hair, babies, and making a house.

Sadly, isn’t this what we see in the adults as well?

According to Catherine Marshall is a journalist and travel writer in her article Raising boys who play with dolls

‘No-one ever tells him what to be, only what not to be,’ says American filmmaker Jay Rosenblatt in his documentary The Smell of Burning Ants. ‘Boys become boys in large part by not being girls. The ones who don’t figure this out are the same ones who get beaten up.’

While girls are increasingly empowered by public discourse in what they do, who they are and how they assert themselves, the role of boys is too often defined in relation to the needs of girls — and the expectations of what a man should be — rather than their own individuality.”

It goes on to say: But they might also find that while girls have become well-practiced in articulating their distaste for the narrow stereotypes applied to them, there is conspicuous silence on the concomitant lack of choice for boys. Girls have been revolutionized by the feminist movement; boys have simply been encouraged to make way for girls.

In a sense – Our society has made way for a girl who is asserting her view of socialism, but the societal definition manhood is still defined in the old patriarchy system of male dominance.

No matter how loud women yell for equality, till we focus on changing the model of what a man is – we will never achieve equality till we begin focusing on changing the societal fabric of manhood.

I end this article with another quote by Catherine Marshall’s article:

Subjective socialization is never a good thing, no matter the gender of the person involved. Women, in particular, would do well to use their growing influence for the betterment of both genders, because female empowerment will lose its value unless they take men on the journey with them.

They can effect such change by assuring the boys in their lives that they have the right to wear nail polish and play with dolls and cry in public if that is their wish, just as girls may dress like superheroes and wear their hair short and dream of one day fighting on the front lines.