No matter the gender, no matter the race, no matter the nationality – when we as a people get together amazing things can happen.

Unfortunately, this has not been the way for women lately.

Many women shy away from being a “feminist’ because of all the negative connotations that exist with the word thanks to a lot of male bad mouthing and female perpetrated violence under the guise of feminism.

I like the definition of feminism: The radical notion that women are actually people.

This is the only definition that matters and this is how we all need to see feminism. Women are people and gender equality is one of the factors that promote this.

However, with the advent of reality shows we have begin to exploit women as objects (as we always have) that need to fight eachother.  This advent of women against women is not a new story, it has been used in wrestling, oil and mud wrestling, and restaurant franchises.   However, what is new is that this women against women view is being exploited all over international TV.

With the rage of reality shows there have been multiple shows that are created specifically to pit women against women. This isn’t a reality in our world, but these shows have created a model for how the future generations see women and their role in society. It has also created a male centered view of women fighting eachother over a man.

These shows hype up, exploit,and engineer fights, backstabbing gossip, cheating, and false rape to increase standing and popularity in the show. Not only that, students have begin copying these shows and seeing them as reality.

When we begin to mimic fiction, the fiction becomes real!

Thank God for the Olympics to change all of this.

The Olympics, with their women centered arena, was called the year of the women.

The Olympic games showed that women can be and are great athletes.  Not only that, the amount of women teams and individuals who earned Gold during this Olympic games is staggering.

Then to add to this, we saw women working together and becoming the best in the world. That’s right, our women teams became the best in the world multiple times during those 16 days. What does this mean?  When women work together they can do amazing things….including end Domestic Violence forever!

Women soccer team – The same number of women on the Bachelor – Worked together all got Gold medals.

Women’s basketball team – The same number of Flavor Flav – Worked together and all got gold medals.

Women’s gymnastics – Worked together and all got gold medals.

Not only this, it was shown time and time again that women can achieve world record status, women can vault better than men, and women have the ability to stand on their own as champions!