At the end of this post “damn right I’m a feminist” asks what is the answer. How do we stop street harassment?

This is a good question for everyone to answer, because it happens to men and women alike. Yes, it does happen to women more…because it is more socially acceptable (how sick is that thought) and women see the disrespect (Why don’t men).

So how do we as a culture, as a society, as a group of people stop this? The answer is very simple: Educate men!

We need to educate men on how wrong it is, and how horribly demeaning it is. Many of the men I’ve talked to that participate in street harassment don’t see anything wrong with it. When you, the victim of street harassment, respond you are now giving them exactly what they wanted…your attention. See, there is an overwhelming belief among the male population that states that: “a male can get any woman he wants, all he has to do is get her attention and say the right thing.”

Therefore, in order to combat this type of harassment, you must educate boys and men when they are not engaged in this type of action.

Here is my idea: If the men are part of an organization or are currently working for someone or something – Write tot he organization and offer education tot he men that are demeaning women. If it is an unconnected person, try to find a way to contact them and educate them.

Then there is always reporting street harassment at

We have the ability to stop these atrocities through education!