This article is about a sexual assault that happened on Clearwater Beach. FL.

Joseph Hartog allegedly made an unwanted advance on the 16 year old victim and forced himself on her. The girl screamed for help and a Good Samaritan “came to her aide,” the report stated. The report did not state how the Good Samaritan helped the girl.

Yes…there are still good people out there.

Yes, there are people who will stand up and do the right thing.

This is what we should be teaching every person to do. When we hear someone yelling for help, no matter what is going, on we should always make sure everything is ok. Of ten times this as simple as asking the person who yelled…if they are ok.

It is the responsibility of every person to end crime, end assault, and end violence. If we hear someone screaming we should see what’s going on.

Put yourself in their shoes:…..Imagine, you’re being attacked (you create the type of attack) and you know there are people nearby. You yell for help. You scream for someone to do something. You see people looking and they do nothing. You yell louder and louder, and nothing is done.  This is a story that is told time and time again from victims. Here are a few exact quotes:

“I watched them walk by as he stabbed me repeatedly. One time a child caught my eye, but his parents pulled him away.”

“As he raped me people walked by on the sidewalk right above my head while they made comments about getting a room and good for us for getting it on right there in the parking lot. Even though I yelled for help, they just kept walking.”

“The pic nic and the festivities were right around the bush, but nobody came when I yelled.”

The stories go on and on and on.

Opt 4 doing something when you see someone in trouble.

Opt 4 doing something every time you hear someone yelling for help.

Opt 4 helping people out no matter what.