Many times when I talk to people about being a better bystander…they don’t know what to do.

The domestic Violence Task Force of Pinellas County will be having a “Being a Better Bystander” training in October….stay tuned for more info.

Here’s some ideas of what you can do when you see someone being abused or attacked:

  1. Say something – Yell, scream, tell the attacker what you’re planning to do, tell as many people as you can about what’s going on.  So that you’re not the only bystander who knows.


  1. CALL – CALL 911 (NOW!!!!) Better to call, make a mistake, or save a life. Call anyone you know to call 911. Call for help for yourself, since you’re intervening.


  1. DO SOMETHING – ACT!! If you feel safe, step up to the situation. Call people to help you, and then step up to the situation. Offer any help you can to the victim (male or female). the easiest way to intervene is to say: Are you ok. Do you feel safe?  Do you want some help?


  1. Record it – write down when it happened, and if you can, the person who it happened to. Put it on Facebook (without names) to tell everyone that it has happened and where it has happened. Describe the person in great detail.  This person is an attacker and an abuser – they need to be pointed out!


Remember, We need to do something, otherwise no one else will. Because you stand up, others will too!