This video was made as a tongue in cheek look at the ridiculous ways we as a society focus on what is beautiful and what is not.

This video was created by Jesse Rosten to point out the ridiculous standards of beauty that our society has created, and the only realistic way of obtaining it….photoshop.

The reality is simple: Only 5% of the entire human race can match up to the ideal of beauty we have in our world.

Societies beautiful criteria (Try not to gag):

1. No marks on their skin, including pores. (Beauty marks, holes allowing your skin to breathe, hair that protects the skin – all ugly.)

2. No wrinkles (Aging is horrible and only the ones that look young are ok)

3. No rolls (Even if everything else is great, a roll in the skin is horrible. Any type of overweight is not good.)

4. All muscles toned (Every muscle in your body must be worked on, toned, and excessively touched up)

The list continues to an adnauseum state, but the reality is that it is all ridiculous.

Let’s promote acceptance of all people.

Let’s promote everyone as the people they are, and they are beautiful because of how they look…no matter what they look like.

We must move away from the obnoxious ads and magazines that tell us how to look, what to do, and what we should wear. Stand up and grow a voice!

You are awesome!