How much does Domestic violence cost?

Technically, it doesn’t cost anything.  A person can use power and control on someone free of charge.

However, it cost the life of the person, the life of the children, and the life of everyone around them. The stress and the turmoil can cost the life of people around through heart disease, heart failure, and anything else that watching violence and the destruction of a human being can cause.

But the cost of domestic violence to the world is even more vast. The hospital stays, the hospital bills, the mental health costs, and even the loss of work productivity creates numbers that are immense.

The state of Texas has created a tool for Human Relations (HR) executives to use to see how much domestic violence can cost their company:

HR Dv cost tool

This is a real eye opened for everyone on how important it is to have a domestic violence prevention program in their office. It doesn’t matter if you have a small business with only a few workers or a Fortune 500 company, Domestic Violence is affecting you and your workers. It’s affecting your bottom line, and very well my affect the entire workings of your business.

By proactively working to educate employees about what domestic violence is, how they can help prevent it, and even how they can prevent it in their own lives –  it can save a company millions and save the millions of lives!