SEXUAL Assault!

How horrible this act is!  How horrible it is to be a victim of this act.

But there is a future!  US Olympian Kayla Harrison is proof that there is such a future.

Kayla’s mother thought she needed a self defense course so she took a Judo class. Because of this, her 8 year old daughter took up the same sport. Kayla begin learning and competing in Judo all over the states and the world. It was a great opportunity for her, but also the beginning of years and years of rape and molestation by the 1 one man who should have been her rock and her confidant – her coach.

For Kayla Harrison, this on going sexual assault destroyed her both mentally and physically. She hated the sport, the man, and the world.  After a long court case, FBI investigations, and finally a full upheaval of Kayla and her mother’s life Kayla was dropped into the world as a talented Judo sport person and a survivor!

How does one come back from something so horrific? How does someone make rape and molestation into a positive?

By getting back onto the road of life. And that’s what she did.

She walked back to the sport that hurt her so, and realized it wasn’t the sport…it was the man.  The man caused this, not her. The man caused this, not the sport.

So she threw herself into the sport, into her own abilities, and has changed the world.

She is a voice for survivors everywhere…Rape is horrible, but there is a future.

By speaking out and saying that it happened to her and that it needs to stop….Kayla Harrison has brought this conversation to a National Stage.

A stage that states that there is no excuse for rape or molestation.

Rape must end.

Sexual Assault must stop!

And how did Kayla Harrison put a final note to her journey: By winning a Gold Medal in Judo!

How are you working to prevent rape?